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Passion for Kids: Each Child is valuable

Give Hope Initiative works with children, families, communities and sponsors all over the world to improve the well-being of children. We believe that the best way to help children is to work with them, together with their families and communities, to make changes that last.

Child sponsorship builds relationships between children, their families, sponsors and Give Hope Initiative. Each person in this relationship improves life for the others by sharing resources, hope and experiences in overcoming poverty through child-focused development programmes.

To be able to achieve a lasting effect and to provide a good solid destiny for the child, we seek to establish a relationship between a sponsor and a child. The Sponsor makes a direct contribution to the wellbeing of the child. The contributions of the sponsors provide solid support to the development of the child through the various offers such like good eduacation and good health care. Sponsors receive regular updates about the child's progress.

We also seek the welfare and the development of the community ( such as in infrastructure ) where the child lives. This helps improve the quality of the environment and minimises the side effect of communal as well as parental negative influence, which could be counter productive on the child's development.

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